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Turn to Grainger for our complete line of air compressors, air compressor pumps, gas air compressor combination units, laboratory air compressors, portable electric air compressors, portable gas engine air compressors, rotary screw air compressors, stationary electric air compressors, and stationary gas engine air compressors to help you power pneumatic tools in light, medium, and heavy-duty ...<<more>>

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An air compressor and a vacuum pump are basically the same thing, an air pump. They both pull air in one side of the pump and push it out the other side. An air compressor just stores the air it pushes out....<<more>>

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If you need to build a cheepy vacuum pump find an old refrigerator and swipe the compressor. Then use an old suction hose to adapt it to your gauges. Basically you cut the end off the hose and slide it over the low side copper line of the compressor and hose clamp it....<<more>>

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A medium pressure & vacuum pump station. In modern research labs, compressed air and vacuum are needed for various purposes from filtration, degassing, distillation and many other operation. Well-suited to microfluidics, for its filtered air, quiet operation, transportability and simple plug and play operation. G...<<more>>

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Those joke like AC air compressor operated vacuum pumps work on that same principle, normally a tiny tube pointed in the direction of the air flow. Never tried this, but bet installing a tube in your exhaust pipe would work with enough copper tube so the rubber hose attached to it doesn't melt....<<more>>

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A small reservoir would work but only if it's placed so as to pull air from the top and allow the compressor oil to return into the system from the bottom. Gravity will handle it. You will still eventually consume all of the system oil but it should work fine for semi-short runs....<<more>>

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Follow the directions on the air compressor to switch it from an air expeller to a vacuum pump. Step 2 - Prepare Your Dent Puller Equipment Attach the 2 small suction cups to the 2 legs of the U-shaped bar with hot glue....<<more>>

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Convert flow rate and pressure (vacuum) in common units. Simple conversion of flow rate and pressure (vacuum) in many common units....<<more>>

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Relative Humidity in Air - The relative humidity in air can be expressed by partial vapor and air pressure - density of the vapor and air - or by the actual mass of the vapor and air Specific Work of Turbo Machines - Pumps, Compressors and Fans - Specific work from pumps, fans, compressors and turbines...<<more>>

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By that, we could look at the vacuum pump as a micron remover. In case you're wondering, the micron gauge, also called a thermistor vacuum gauge, is used to measure vacuum in this precise manner. Unlike the compound gauge on your manifold set, a micron gauge can be used to determine how well your vacuum pump is operating....<<more>>

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vacuum pump from air horn compressor I have been thinking about inexpensive options for a vacuum pump. I remember somone talking about taking a small 12V inflator pump and reversing it to pump air out and create a partial vacuum....<<more>>

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Grainger carries a diaphragm compressor/vacuum pump selection with models that can operate quietly and provide pressure or vacuum without modification. Permanently lubricated, maintenance-free units can offer the versatility of reversible 1/8” and ¼” inlet and outlet ports....<<more>>

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Free Vacuum Level Conversion Calculator Vacuum Pressure Density Length Refrigeration Area Volume Weight Power Energy Specific Energy Temperature Throughput & Leak Rate -Units of Measurement VACUUM (GAUGE) CONVERSION CALCULATOR P Pascals torr atm -mbar psi lb/in2 kg/cm2 mm Hg Vacuum in Hg Vacuum in H2O % Vacuum Measurements are expressed in scientific notation which means the decimal moves as ...<<more>>

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The wet vacuum pump’s vanes are lubricated by aircraft engine oil. The oil is metered by an oil metering collar internally. Oil and air are expelled out of the exhaust port of the wet vacuum pump to an oil/air separator....<<more>>

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Was reading in another post about how a Rena air pump could *easily* be converted to a vacuum pump by simply rotating a piece inside the case. Thing is they cost upwards of $40… I purchased a $10 Whisper40 air pump ($15 with s/h) thinking I could convert it to vacuum then re-sell it for a profit....<<more>>

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Micro Vacuum Pump/ Compressor Air pump/Liquid Pump from Changsha TOPS Industry & Technology Co., Ltd.. Search High Quality Micro Vacuum Pump/ Compressor Air pump/Liquid Pump Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Alibaba....<<more>>

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Portable Electric Air Compressor Small Inflator Pump Pool Float 110 PSI 3 Gallon See more like this. Small Block Chevy Serpentine Pulley Conversion Kit Air Conditioning Electric WP. Made in USA - Free Shipping - #1 Phone Tech Support Two Stage 1/3HP Electric Vacuum Pump HVAC at 4CFM Small Air Pump 110V+ Gauge. Brand New. $136.99. From ...<<more>>

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No, although the two pumps may look similar, the vacuum pump models are unable to be converted into a reciprocating air compressor due to differences in the cylinder sizes, orientation of the ports in the pump, and the lack of a cooling process....<<more>>

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Re: Twin Cylinder Engine Converted into Air-pump Gordon Smith, and later, Grimmer Schmidt, used monobloc engines for compressors. Smith used Chrysler IND 32 engines with a special head, and later went on to small and big block Ford V8's....<<more>>

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Vacuum - Evacuation Time - Vacuum pumps - calculating flow rate and required evacuation time Vacuum - Expansion Air Ratio - Convert vacuum air volume to standard air volume Vacuum Pipe Lines - Pressure Drops - Vacuum pipes and pressure drops...<<more>>

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The farther away from the pump your vacuum gauge is, the more accurate your measurement of the vacuum in a system will be and the more you will be able to tell about contaminants and leaks in the system during evacuation....