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UL / NFPA20 Skid Mounted Fire Pump Package 300GPM Ductile

UL / NFPA20 300GPM @ 135PSI Skid Mounted Fire Pump With Centrifugal End Suction Fire Pump Sets NM Fire packages are designed to provide trouble free operation, meet or exceed design conditions, and take up as little floor space as possible while still allowing easy access to valves, controllers, meters, etc....<<more>>

Fire Pump Systems - xylem

A-C Fire Pump. Systems furnished a package of four 12x8x22 End Suction Pumps. Capacity to 500 GPM (1,892 L/min) Pressures to 150 PSI (106 m) 13 Listed fuel tank sized per NFPA #20 UL 14 Listed FMapproved fire pump UL labeled by one or more of the following testing...<<more>>

Ruhrpumpen Fire Pumps and Systems

Ruhrpumpen is committed to global excellence with a complete range of Pumps, Fire Pump Packages and related products, such as Decoking Systems and Tools to support the core markets, namely Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Heavy Industry...<<more>>

G-Series Custom | Commercial Packaged Fire Pump Systems

Our NFPA-20 compliant packaged fire pump systems take the hassle out of your installation. There is no need to track down, order, store, or transport hundreds of individual components. All an installing contractor has to do is connect the suction and discharge and provide power to the controllers....<<more>>

NFPA20 Package | PT. Tigris Berkat Sejati

Split-case pump, End suction pump, Vertical turbine pump, In-line pump Configuration types: 1.Electric motor driven fire pump group , Diesel engine driven fire pump group , jockey pump...<<more>>

Series 1580 In-Line ConfiguPac - A-C Fire Pump

Features and Benefits. Designed and manufactured in accordance with NFPA 20; ETL (Intertek) for fire pump package certification; UL/ULC Listed/FM approved A-C Fire pump...<<more>>


AURORA ® Packaged Fire Pump Systems All fire pump packages built to NFPA 20 & NEC standards with UL listed/FM approved components. Fire Pump Packages Standard Equipment Aurora Pump offers vertical turbine fire pump systems for static suction conditions. Vertical turbine systems come complete with pump, driver, controller, flow ...<<more>>


AURORA ® COMPLETE PUMP SOLUTIONS fOr fIrE PrOTECTION. 2 • UL Listed/fM Approved/NfPA-20 Design • Bronze-fitted Pump Construction Model 383 End Suction Fire Pump Flows: 50 to 1500 GPM (11.3 to 340 m3/hr) Pressures: 40 to 225 PSI (2.7 to 15.5 bar) • UL Listed, fM Approved Performance...<<more>>


Sometimes engineers writing specifications for complete fire pump packages, "in wishful thinking," specify the complete package to be UL Listed AND FM Approved and end up with a hand full of poop ...<<more>>

Fire Fighting Pumps - New India Electricals Ltd.

Fire Fighting Pumps. New India has been supplying Fire Protection Packages for many years. Fire Protection package relies very heavily on the fire fighting pumping system, which has to ensure adequate water supply at required pressure at emergency conditions is made available when needed in the shortest possible time....<<more>>

OUR FIRE PUMPS ARE PEERLESS - Peerless Pump offers fire

The Peerless Pump Fire Pump Units and Enclosed Packaged Systems Thousands of Peerless Pump installations (UL, ULC or FM approved) End Suction Fire Pumps, UL Listed and FM Approved Vertical Fire Pumps UL Listed, ULC Listed To meet the rigorous requirements of the NFPA 20 standards, certain accessories are required for all fire...<<more>>

FIRE PUMPS NFPA 20, UL & FM Listed Centrifugal

Centrifugal Fire Pumps (Horizontal, End Suction Type) ESF50/26, ESF65/26 and ESF80/26 (see attached listing) Prepared for: CNP NM Fire Fighting Systems Co., Ltd. No 45 Xi Chong Road FIRE PUMPS NFPA 20, UL & FM Listed Marketed By EST MECH PTE LTD, Singapore Email: enquiry@estmech. LISTED APPROVED 20172018 SETSCO Iliiii iiii . EUROPEAN FIRE...<<more>>

Compact Fire Pump Systems - Fairbanks Nijhuis

Fairbanks Nijhuis offers a complete fire pump system that has a small footprint, ideal for buildings with limited space. This pre-engineered system is factory assembled and ready to start, with only base grouting and pipe and power connections to be completed at site....<<more>>

brochure page 1 - National Fire

end suction centrifugal fire pumps as well as vertical turbines. Applications accessories for listed and approved and non-listed fire service applications. Packaged units and systems lower fire pump installation • NFPA-20, NFPA-70 & NEC ABS Certification Factory Testing Hydrostatic Testing...<<more>>

Peerless Pump Houston, Peerless Pump Repair -

Pump Products & Services is Peerless Pump distributor in greater Houston area and offers Peerless Pump products and parts as below: - UL/FM listed Fire Water Pump (Horizontal Split Case, Vertical Turbine, In-Line Type) per NFPA-20 Compliance...<<more>>

Fire Pump Packages - fortisepe

Fire Pump Packages. FORTIS / TIGERFLOW’s fire pump systems are built, tested and ETL/C-ETL third party certified before shipment. SERIES FPS-7000 are cost-effective engineered fire protection systems for commercial, institutional, municipal, and industrial applications....<<more>>

End Suction Fire Pumps UL Listed 50 Hz - lubipumps

End Suction Fire Pumps UL Listed 50 Hz FLBS SERIES EX27417 DATA BOOKLET. Photographs of a few Manufacturing Units. • State-of-the-art design fire pumping system. • NFPA-20 design • Compact diesel engine driven pump package End Suction Fire Pumps FLBS...<<more>>

NFPA 20 –2016 and Beyond - Chicago SFPE

Refilling requirements for High Rise retained in NFPA 20 Aon Fire Protection Engineering 9. pressure at the fire pump suction flange. Suction Pressure. The total pressure available at the 4.30.1 A packaged fire pump assembly, with or without an enclosure, shall meet all of the following requirements: ...<<more>>

Peerless Pump

truly integrated custom-built Fire Pump Package that’s as individual as the application demands. fittings and ancillary equipment per NFPA 20. Peerless Pump Quality Engineering meet your pumping needs. A complete line of Fire Pumps that are U.L. (Underwriter’s Laboratories) listed and FM (Factory Mutual) approved. The industry’s ...<<more>>

Peerless PES Fire Pump Systems - BBC Pump and Equipment

Designed to user specifications, Peerless Packaged UL/FM Fire Pump Systems come with or without enclosures, with one or more pump/driver combinations, and include controls with inlet/outlet piping/ valves and fittings per NFPA 20....<<more>>

Industry Links - Xylem Applied Water Systems - United States

Tornatech specializes in the conception and manufacturing of fire pump controllers in accordance with the NFPA 20 standard, UL listed and FM approved. We commit ourselves to offering the best technical solution, superior quality and outstanding service....