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Click: Progressive cavity pump system (PCP) lUsage GLB single screw PC pump is a new type of mechanical extracting equipment, applicable for the oil exploitation of low, high viscosity crude oil, high pour point oil, high wax-bearing oil, high sand and gas content oil, etc....<<more>>

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Cavity pump / PC pumps / PCP Systems. Progressive cavity pumps or PC pumps are widely used in oil field applications around the world. Our company has been committed to the research and development of screw pumps and their accessories for many years....<<more>>

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A progressive cavity pump can pump when the pressure as low as 28” of mercury (Hg) but the centrifugal pump cannot. This pump is very suitable to be used with the difficult applications which the centrifugal pump cannot be used....<<more>>

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The grinder kit can be installed on a progressing cavity pump when there is the request to obtain a crushed product as fruit, vegetables, avoiding other kind and more expensive machines like the grinder or the annihilator....<<more>>

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The seepex Progressive Cavity Pump (PC pump)has the properties and a proven track record of being able to move solid waste (food waste, sludge, slurry, etc.) quickly and efficiently. Simpler, contained, more cost effective and less-maintenance make it an attractive fit for bio-waste....<<more>>


More particularly, the present invention relates to a ground drive apparatus for a progressive cavity pump which is cooperative with the polish rod for the driving of the pump. 2. Description of Related Art Including Information Disclosed Under 37 CFR 1.97 and 37 CFR 1.98....<<more>>

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After more than 10 years of development Jinghong enterprise has 4 core product lines: Top Drive Drilling System, PC Pump & Ground Driving System, Series of Down-hole tools and Solid Expandable Tubular Machining and Engineering service....<<more>>

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A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), or sometimes slurries, by mechanical action.Pumps can be classified into three major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid: direct lift, displacement, and gravity pumps....<<more>>

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Progressive cavity pumps are single-screw types typically used in shallow wells or at the surface. A water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring, or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers . Often this is an emulsion of crude oil and water. Pump size is also determined by the ...<<more>>

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• Progressive cavity • Multiple gear - lobe Energy Input Device A pump is a device that puts energy3 into the water. This energy can be expressed in two ways: an increase in pressure or an increase in flow. above the ground, and the pump unit is mounted below the water surface....<<more>>

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A pump is a device that moves fluids (liquids or gases), Gear pumps see wide use in car engine oil pumps and in various hydraulic power packs. Screw pump. Screw pump Progressive cavity pumps are single-screw types typically used in shallow wells or at the surface. This pump is mainly used on surface applications where the pumped fluid ...<<more>>

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progressive cavity pump. Brand Name:JH. Details: PC system consists of down-hole single screw pump, ground drive and electric control part. As a new technology of oil extraction...<<more>>

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Muscat, Sultanate of Oman; September 26, 2016: GE Oil & Gas (NYSE: GE) has signed a landmark long-term, multi-million-dollar contract with Petroleum Development Oman for the provision of Progressive Cavity Pump equipment (PCP) and related services commencing in the third quarter of 2016....<<more>>

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Enter the progressive cavity pump, commonly called the PC pump or screw pump. Or if you’re French, like PC pump inventor René Moineau, you might call it the Moyno or Mono pump. Whatever you choose to call it, the PC pump enabled the development of heavy oil fields....<<more>>


PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMP product listings on SeekPart - Choose quality PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMP products from large database of PROGRESSIVE CAVITY PUMP manufacturers and suppliers at SeekPart....<<more>>

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The 3LL8 PC Pump is one of our standard progressive cavity pumps with flow rates Tarby®, Continental®, Roper®, and Seepex® brand Progressive Cavity Pumps and are a Liberty Series pumps are stocked in cast iron or 316 Stainless Steel LL8 PC Pump Bearing Housing · LL8 PC Pump Drive Pin Retaining Screw...<<more>>

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Description: Progressing Cavity Pump Systems Our Progressing Cavity Pumping (PCP) Systems are designed for use in both oil production and dewatering applications where the economics of production demand efficiency, reliability and low life-cycle cost from the production equipment. The...<<more>>

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The progressive cavity multiphase pump is specially suited for applications that require flow rates below 100,000 equivalent barrels of oil and gas per day. It can handle differential pressures up to 300 psi, and with suitable mechanical seals it can operate at higher suction pressures....<<more>>

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The pump operating parameter, in some circumstances, may include pump speed, pump torque, fluid flow rate, pump displacement, pump head pressure, pump suction pressure, pump discharge pressure, and the like....<<more>>

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The NEMO® pump is a progressing cavity pump which can produce pressures that may cause the bursting of vessels or pipes. rotor) of the pump may be overloaded thus resulting in damage or breakage. coupling rod....<<more>>

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A progressive cavity, or PC, pump consists of only one moving part, the rotor. When the self-priming rotor turns, cavities, or voids, are formed between the rotor and the stator. Progressive cavity pumps provide high suction, extremely low shear, and smooth pulsation-free operation....