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The P2R2 Section was developed to minimize the amount What

The P2R2 Section was developed to minimize the amount of liquid, solid, and gaseous pollution as well as energy & on the gas pumps can teach your customers the correct way to use the and prevent spills. Some facilities provide Vapor Line System Port Fuel Port Dual Point System 4 . Coaxial...<<more>>

Evaporative Emissions System Leak Detection Pump | 310-600

Dorman Products - 310-600 : Fuel Vapor Leak Detection Pump. Engineered from high-quality plastic for a long-lasting service life, our Fuel Vapor Leak Detection Pump ascertains leaks or related problems in the fuel system....<<more>>

Topping Off: Learn Why You Should Never Top Off Your Gas Tank

Any additional gas you try to pump into your tank may be drawn into the vapor line and fed back into the station’s storage tanks. It can cause the gas pump to break. Most gas stations have a ...<<more>>

Exergy analysis of industrial waste heat recovery based

The waste heat from the industry enters the HRSG at no. 11 in Fig. 1, where it transfers the heat to the feed water, which enters at no. 16 and is converted into steam at no. 13. The steam generated is then expanded in a turbine to generate mechanical power....<<more>>

Heat pumps - technology and environmental impact

heat pumps – technology and environmental impact july 2005: part 1 order to improve the information to the consumers. The proposal will be sent to the European...<<more>>

Pollution Online Product Showcase

POLLUTION ONLINE PRODUCT SHOWCASE. four-color guidebook are the company's (gas/vapor) RGA5 Series of Process Gas Analyzers RGA5 Series of Process Gas Analyzers are designed for on-line measurement of impurities in clean process gases....<<more>>

Fundamentals of Vacuum Technology

1 Preface Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, a member of the globally active industrial Oerlikon Group of companies has developed into the world market leader in the area of vacuum technology....<<more>>


Flash gas from the vapor recovery towers shall be routed to the common combustion devices to reduce the mass content of total VOCs and HAPs in the vapors routed to the devices by at least ninety-eight percent (98%) by weight....<<more>>

Waste Minimization in Production and Workover Operations

Waste Minimization in the Oil Field: This manual, developed with the assistance of the oil and gas industry, offers source reduction and recycling (i.e., waste minimization) concepts, cost effective and practical examples of source reduction and recycling opportunities in the oil field, and information on how to develop an individualized waste ...<<more>>

Plastic Fuel Tanks and Fuel Systems

Plastic fuel systems for hybrid vehicles offer a significant weight saving of approximately 40% compared to similar steel solutions for Full-Hybrid and PHEV, while providing the same level of safety that has made the plastic fuel system successful....<<more>>

US3756291A - Gasoline vapor recovery system - Google Patents

Apparatus for preventing pollution of the atmosphere caused by passage of gasoline fumes thereto. The apparatus is operable in conjunction with a gasoline dispensing pump which connects to the fuel tank of a vehicle. Fumes from the fuel tank are conducted therefrom and introduced to the flow of liquid gasoline as the latter is withdrawn from a storage truck or the like....<<more>>


collect the purged process fluid for recycle or disposal. Sampling of process component with one of the control technology options listed in Table 2 or with Best Available Control Technology (BACT) equipment, as approved by the Oil film or gas seal. 3. Face-type seal. Pump: 1. Enclose shaft seals and vent to vapor recovery/disposal. 2 ...<<more>>

HCl, HF, H - ABB Ltd

Unique air-driven injector pump, no moving parts, low condensate to handle QAL3 automatic span drift check without test gas heated allowing water vapor to be measured along with extremely low detection levels of pollutant such as HCl, NH3 – Sample gas line, heated to 180 °C / 356 °F, length up to 60 m / 200 ft. (length depending on ...<<more>>


OWNER’S MANUAL FOR DRY VACUUM PUMPS MODELS: 2014 2032 / 2042 2034 / 2044 2.17 Advanced Vapor Management (AVM) 8 2.18 Traps 8 2.19 The care of a liquid trap 9 port or the vapor trapped in a cold trap placed in-line between the pump and the vacuum chamber. A simple, inexpensive liquid trap can be made from a filtering flask.The ...<<more>>

Methanol-Fueled Cars Could Drive Us Toward an Emissionless

Icelandic firm Carbon Recycling International is turning industrial pollution into a low-carbon fuel for cars, trucks, and ships methanol fuel from waste no good near-term technology for ...<<more>>

05/23/2012: EPA Settles Clean Air Act Cases Against Six D

PHILADELPHIA (May 23, 2012) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that six gas stations in the District of Columbia have settled alleged violations of Clean Air Act regulations designed to limit volatile organic compounds (VOC) and air toxic emissions from gas stations’ tanks and pumps....<<more>>

Gas flare - Wikipedia

A gas flare, alternatively known as a flare stack, is a gas combustion device used in industrial plants such as petroleum refineries, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants as well as at oil or gas production sites having oil wells, gas wells, offshore oil and gas rigs and landfills....<<more>>

Control and Pollution Prevention Options for Ammonia Emissions

Control and Pollution Prevention Options for Ammonia Emissions CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CENTER information on global greenhouse gas emissions and available prevention, mitigation, and is a common pollution prevention method. The recycling method is often used in the manufacture of fertilizers, where ammonia is a feedstock and the ...<<more>>

Water as a Fuel - An Introduction to Brown's Gas

We would like to bring to the attention of countries aiming to turnaround the climate change situation without sacrificing either quality of life or socio-economic advances the potential technological choices offered by the systematic use of water as a fuel....<<more>>

Absorption heat pump for waste heat reuse: current states

Abstract. Absorption heat pump attracts increasing attention due to its advantages in low grade thermal energy utilization. It can be applied for waste heat reuse to save energy consumption, reduce environment pollution, and bring considerable economic benefit....<<more>>

Engineered Vacuum and Compressor Systems

pump marketplace. No other pump company in the (Gas & Vapor) Central Vacuum Drying Flare gas Extraction Packaging Freeze drying Coating & Crystal Pulling Sterilization Water, power, effluent, and pollution are all considered during system design. Benefits • Extremely robust • Cool operation • Superior liquid, vapour and solids...