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I want to pump sea water and discharge it to a source at a

I want to pump sea water and discharge it to a source at a distance of 2Kmtrs with discharge rate of arround 300 cubic meter / hour. the required head is 22 meters (height). If i choose a 8 inch inlet and outlet centrifugal pump, how many pumps i need to use?? how do i connect them.?? any experts please???...<<more>>

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We now introduce online design option for Onshore Infiltration systems and offshore open intake systems, elmosa, intakes, systems, overview seawater intake facilities seawater desalination, velocity cap intake, sea water intake pump, seawater intake design, open channel sea water intake, effluent outfall, seawater intake design, ocean outfalls ...<<more>>

Water Storage, Delivery and Purification : Oasis WP2P

Oasis WP2P Water Storage, Delivery and Purification Oasis WP2P Produces up to 40 psi of discharge pressure, and can push water up to 82 feet overhead. Suction lift is the vertical distance from the pump to the surface of the water,...<<more>>

Dredger,Cutter suction dredger,KX CSD200 Cutter suction

The excavation and transportation of materials can be completed at one time, and it is not necessary to cooperate with other equipment, so the engineering cost is lower relatively.Cutter suction dredging equipment has large production, and the pump discharge distance is far....<<more>>

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The performance charts for these pumps usually separate the suction lift, or depth to water, from the discharge pressure. The total suction lift consists of the vertical distance from the inlet to the pumping water level plus the friction losses in the suction piping....<<more>>

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Chapter 52- Biomes study guide by kelsie_bernier includes 62 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. purify water and reduce flooding. - shallow reef-building corals live in the photic zone in warm, clear water, deep-sea corals live at depths of 200-1,500m...<<more>>

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VERTICAL PUMPS TYPE - BHR / BHQ / BHM / BHK / BHMa / BHA water for Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants Various applications in Steel, Cement Industries and Refineries Handling sea water on Off-Shore Platforms, Dry-Docks Fire Fighting DISTANCE PIPE DISCHARGE HEAD PUMP BOWL 'O' RING 'O' RING SPLIT RING INTERMEDIATE SHAFT 'O' RING MOTOR ...<<more>>

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Discharge pipes may be separate or shared with primary pump; The higher the lift or longer the distance the waste must be pumped, the more powerful the pump needs to be. Pond and waterfall pumps: Powers water flow and circulation for decorative water features. Hand pumps....<<more>>

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If you are pumping sea water or some heavy acid, the head achieved by the pump in Figure 2 will be the same as that for water. The pressure at the discharge of the pump however will be higher. The explanation for this involves a little bit of math, nothing heavy, and the realization that head is a form of energy (potential energy) just like a ...<<more>>

Calculating Horsepower Requirements and Sizing Irrigation

power used to pump water, we must know the: 1. pumping rate in gallons per minute (gpm), and Calculating Horsepower Requirements and Sizing Irrigation Supply Pipelines Guy Fipps* from the ground to the point of water discharge, partic-ularly for center pivot systems. For center pivots, elevation differences caused by ...<<more>>

Pump Discharging Pipe Length - Pump engineering - Eng-Tips

If you attempt to pump at a higher flow rate, additional pressure will be necessary from the pump to force the water through and you will overpressurize the lower reaches of the pipeline. Pumping 1.8 liters/sec for 6 km will result in 125 meters of head loss....<<more>>

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The WateReuse Desalination Committee's White Papers are living documents. The intent of the Committee is to enhance the content of the papers periodically as new and pertinent information on the topics becomes available....<<more>>

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Electric 250bar High Pressure Jet Water Sand Blaster Water Pressure Jet Sewer , Find Complete Details about Electric 250bar High Pressure Jet Water Sand Blaster Water Pressure Jet Sewer,High Pressure . 8.using in washing the Food processing Grease, fats, oil and dough from ovens, mixers, conveyors and facilities....<<more>>

Regulation 15 - Control of discharge of oil - MARPOL Training

8 No discharge into the sea shall contain chemicals or other substances in quantities or concentrations which are hazardous to the marine environment or chemicals or other substances introduced for the purpose of circumventing the conditions of discharge specified in this regulation....<<more>>

Oil and gas: Treatment and discharge of produced waters

Where water (and therefore blanket gas) temperatures are low (for example, in the Gulf of Mexico, USA) then the amount of gas which dissolves in the water stream is significantly higher than where water temperatures are higher (for example, in the North Sea)....<<more>>

Design guidline for Small Waste Water Treatment Works

3.5 ESSENTIAL FACILITIES FOR SEWAGE PUMP STATIONS 11 3.6 EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY 11 4.1 NATIONAL WATER ACT, 1998, WASTEWATER DISCHARGE In this manual, the best appropriate process for such small waste water treatment plants has already been identified as the Rotating Biological Contactors (biodiscs) systems and ...<<more>>

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A circulating water plant or circulating water system is an arrangement of flow of water in fossil-fuel power station, chemical plants and in oil refineries. The system is required because various industrial process plants uses heat exchanger , and also for active fire protection measures....<<more>>

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Pump and Fan Efficiency - Overall pump and fan efficiency is the ratio power actually gained by the fluid to the shaft power supplied Pumping Water - Costs - The cost of pumping water Pumping Water - Required Horsepower - Horsepower required to pump water...<<more>>

SHURFLO Bait & livewell pump installation & operation manual

2 WATER PURIFICATION 3545 HARBoR GATEwAy SoUTH, SUITE 103, CoSTA MESA, CA 92626, (800) 854-3218 SHURFLo.CoM All Pentair trademarks and logos are owned by Pentair, Inc....<<more>>

Discharge standards - Australian Maritime Safety Authority

MARPOL discharge standards apply in Australia’s particularly sensitive sea area (Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait and Coral Sea), noting the nearest land boundary. Ports and parks Stricter requirements may apply to vessels when in Australian ports, state or territory waters or the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park....<<more>>

Submersible Pumps Technical Details, Submersible Pumps

Don't run the pump if any of the following defects are observed. › Water is sandy or acidic. › If there is no water. › If discharge valve is closed for more than 4 minutes. › If the problem of single phasing arises. Don't pull the motor with the help of cable....